Gerald McCullouch


Denis Hennelly
Cassandra Suchan
Gerald McCullouch
Timothy Gruver


Bobby Bukowski


Peggy Davis


Aaron Glascock


Gabriel Romero
Gerald McCullouch
Leslie Easterbrook
Torris Helland
Tamara Downs
Kris Andersson
Clay Adkins
Worthie Meacham
Joanna Daniels
Lela Lee
Sal Rendino
Brad Fisher
Joey DiGiandomenico





"DIRECTOR'S NOTE: I think life is about saying "yes". "Yes" to your dreams. "Yes" to your own unique voice. "Yes" to all the possibilities & challenges life presents. No matter how daunting they may seem. "Yes" to your own unique voice. I think every time you say "yes", it opens up a whole world of potential. Of insight and experience. And it's a shame that we live in a world that seems to instill a fear based point of view from which many people live their lives. Always saying "no". And therefore never really living life. Never really experiencing all that they're meant to encounter and learn from.

Whether it be the way you were raised. Or your religion. Or the community in which you live. So many things seem to stifle the courage it takes to say "yes". And that's what my film is about. Someone who finally says "yes" to himself. To love. And to life. Unfortunately, it's too late. And I think it should never be too late to say "yes". And to experience all the possibilities that lie within each moment life presents. And all the beautiful possibilities that lie within each and every one of us."



Tracey marks his birthday by making a terrifying choice from which there's no turning back. And with Gabriel's guidance finally learns to say “yes” to himself, to life, and to love.

Written and directed by Gerald McCullouch (C.S.I.), shot on 35mm by Bobby Bukowski (Arlington Road), and edited by Peggy Davis (The Big Kahuna), The Moment After also stars International Latin Heartthrob Gabriel Romero, Leslie Easterbrook (Laverne & Shirley), and Lela Lee (creator of Angry Little Asian Girl).



The genesis of the project stemmed from Mr. McCullouch’s 30th Birthday celebration. After spending 3 years creating a story to center around the event, it was developed as a digital film due to cost. However, with the guidance of Casey Suchan and Denis Hennelly of Open Road Films as well as Timothy Gruver of Wild Indians Entertainment Group, it was decided that filming on 35mm was monetarily feasible and essential to the story.

Galvanizing his years of experience as an actor (C.S.I, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210), he was able to put together a first class production team including Bobby Bukowski (Arlington Road) as his Director of Photography, Peggy Davis (The Big Kahuna) as his editor, and Aaron Glascock (Insomnia) as the film’s Sound Designer. The film was shot during the first four days of November 2001 on locations in Malibu, Los Angeles, and Griffith Park.