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“this incredibly awesome film.... has touched many of our hearts in Hawaii” - Connie Florez - programming director

“CSI hunk Gerald McCullouch makes a sizzling short that’s a fest favorite... a dramatically audacious and technically assured film.”
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“The Moment After impresses with it’s deft shifts of time, place and circumstance (5 stars).”
MW Magazine - Washington, DC

As a host of “FYE!” on E!TV, Mr. McCullouch traveled to Morocco and to Egypt to promote the film. The trailer of the film was featured on the episodes of the 30 minute news and travel program which airs both domestically and internationally reaching nearly 500 million homes worldwide. In addition he was given the opportunity to perform the film’s theme song “Please” which he wrote and recorded for the film’s soundtrack.

From top to bottom an excellent film. Beautiful, brave, and thought provoking.
— Dennis Hensley,
contributing writer for Movieline and Premier magazines.”

— Lisa Daniel, Melbourne and Brisbane, programming director

“I was blown away. For 13 minutes, I was totally captivated. The production values, the acting, and the overall quality of the film is beautiful.”
— Philip Au,
(director of The Oklahoma International Film Festival)

“It was amazing...It was very haunting and moving...beautifully executed all around.”
— Kevin Williamson,
(creator of “Dawson's Creek”& “Scream”)

“one of the festival’s most challenging, off beat, and rewarding shorts.”

— Steven Saylor SFILGFF program guide

Dallas Outtakes“I can’t imagine any of the others being better than The Moment After. The Cinematography is beautiful and McCullouch makes me want to watch C.S.I. to see what else he can do.”

— Steven Morris, Texas Triangle

Gerald McCullouch (pictured with Frameline's co-director Michael Lumpkin) wrote, directed and starred in the festival short film hit The Moment After. McCullouch who plays “Bobby Dawson” on the CBS hit show CSI, was joined by some LA friends including Judd Winnick, Dan Renzi, and Norman Korpi, all from various seasons of The Real World. The festival short also stars the delicious bisexual actor Gabriel Romero. This Advocate cover boy is widely known for playing gay doctor “Fernando” on the hit Telemundo sitcom Los Beltrán.

— Tim Gaskin